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Therefore, article 4(4B) means that the Regulated Activities Order exclusions in PERG 4.10A.2G (3) do not apply to entering into a regulated mortgage contract as lender unless: (1) the regulated mortgage contract falls outside the MCD (see PERG 4.10A.5 G); or(2) the lender is not acting in the course of his trade, business or profession.
PERG 4.10A.15GRP
In the FCA's view, credit intermediation under the MCD covers the same activities as the regulated activity of arranging (bringing about) regulated mortgage contracts, except that: (1) credit intermediation only applies if the intermediary acts for remuneration; and(2) the MCD does not cover the regulated mortgage contracts listed in PERG 4.10A.5 G; and(3) the MCD only applies to services provided to consumers;(4) if the intermediary only acts for the creditor, the MCD intermediation
18The exclusion referred to in PERG 2.7.19G G may 35 not be available to a firm that is an MCD firm (see PERG 4.10A (Activities regulated under the Mortgage Credit Directive)).
18The exclusion referred to in PERG 2.7.19JG may 35 not (unless paragraph (7) of that provision applies)40 be available to a firm that is an MCD firm (see PERG 4.10A (Activities regulated under the Mortgage Credit Directive)).
(1) MCOB 5A amplifies Principle 6 and Principle 7.(2) The purpose of MCOB 5A is to ensure that, before a consumer submits an application for a particular MCD regulated mortgage contract, they are supplied with information that makes clear: (a) its features, any linked deposits, any linked borrowing and any tied products; and (b) the price that the consumer will be required to pay under that contract, to enable the consumer to make a well-informed purchasing decision.(3) MCOB 5A
TC 2.1.5ARRP
19TC 2.1.5B R and TC 2.1.5C R apply to a firm acting as an MCD creditor or an MCD credit intermediary.
PERG 4.10B.15GRP
(1) The definitions of CBTL arranger and CBTL adviser are largely the same as those under the legislation which implemented the MCD3.(2) There is guidance on these terms in PERG 4.10A (Activities within scope of3 the Mortgage Credit Directive).(3) The main difference between the definitions in this section and those in PERG 4.10A is that this section only relates to CBTL credit agreements.
12The exclusion referred to in PERG 2.8.6AG (4) will not be available to persons who, when carrying on an arranging activity, are MCD firms (see PERG 4.10A (Activities regulated under the Mortgage Credit Directive)).