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The exclusion applies only if the principal purpose of the publication or service is not:(1) to give advice on securities, structured deposits,9relevant investments, P2P agreements7 or home finance transactions1or amounts to carrying on advising on conversion or transfer of pension benefits9; or1(2) to lead or enable persons6:(a) to6buy, sell, subscribe for or underwrite securities, structured deposits9 or relevant investments; or(aa) to enter into a relevant article 36H agreement
4If a SRB agreement provider agrees, under the terms of a regulated sale and rent back agreement, to account to the SRB agreement seller for any monetary sum, whether after a qualifying period, over a period of time, on the occurrence of a contingent event or otherwise, the provider must:(1) take out and maintain adequate insurance from an insurance undertaking authorised in the EEA or a person of equivalent status in:(a) a Zone A country; or(b) the Channel Islands, Gibraltar,
There is power in the Act for the Treasury to change the meaning of the business element by including or excluding certain things. They have exercised this power (see the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (Carrying on Regulated Activities by Way of Business) Order 2001 (SI 2001/1177), as amended from time to time)12. The result is that the business element differs depending on the activity in question. This in part reflects certain differences in the nature of the activities:35553(1)
5In accordance with Article 63J(3)(a) of the Regulated Activities Order, a regulated sale and rent back agreement is an arrangement under which, at the time it is entered into:(1) a person (the SRB agreement provider) buys all or part of the qualifying interest in land (other than timeshare accommodation) in the United Kingdom from an individual or trustees (the agreement seller); and(2) the agreement seller (if he is an individual) or an individual who is the beneficiary of the