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This section applies to a firm carrying on any home financing connected to regulated mortgage contracts or home financing and home financing administration connected to regulated mortgage contracts see 1MIPRU 4.2.23 R where it applies credit risk mitigation1 to the calculation of its risk weighted exposure amounts under MIPRU 4.2A (Credit risk capital requirement)1.11
1A firm may recognise credit risk mitigation under this section in calculating risk weighted exposure amounts for calculating the credit risk capital requirement.
BIPRU 4.10.49RRP
(1) This rule relates to the calculation of risk-weighted exposure amounts and expected loss amounts in the case of unfunded credit protection.(2) BIPRU 5.7.21 R (Tranching) applies for the purpose in (1).(3) The provisions in (4) replace those in BIPRU 5.7.22 R to BIPRU 5.7.25 R (Calculating risk weighted exposure amounts under the standardised approach in the case of unfunded credit protection).(4) For the covered portion of the exposure value E3 (based on the adjusted value
The fully adjusted exposure value (E*) for a firm using the master netting agreement internal models approach must be calculated according to the following formula:E* = max {0, [(∑E -∑C) + (VaR output of the internal models)]}where(1) (where risk weighted exposure amounts are calculated under the standardised approach) E is the exposure value for each separate exposure under the agreement that would apply in the absence of the credit protection;(2) C is the value of the securities