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MIPRU 4.2C sets out the provisions a firm should comply with when calculating risk weighted exposure amounts for calculating the credit risk capital requirement1 under MIPRU 4.2.23 R.11
1The calculation of risk weighted exposure amounts may be modified in accordance with this section where a firm has complied with MIPRU 4.2C.7 R to MIPRU 4.2C.16 R.
(1) 1In calculating risk weighted exposure amounts, a maturity mismatch occurs where the residual maturity of the credit protection is less than that of the protected exposure.(2) Protection of less than three months residual maturity, the maturity of which is less than the maturity of the underlying exposure, must not be recognised.
BIPRU 4.10.30RRP
(1) Where:(a) risk weighted exposure amounts and expected loss amounts are calculated under the IRB approach; and(b) an exposure is collateralised by both financial collateral and other eligible collateral;LGD* to be taken as the LGD for the purposes of the IRB approach must be calculated in accordance with this rule.(2) A firm must subdivide the volatility-adjusted value of the exposure (i.e. the value after the application of the volatility adjustment as set out in BIPRU 5.4.28
BIPRU 4.10.45RRP
A firm must have clearly specified criteria for adjusting grades, pools or LGD estimates, and in the case of retail exposures and eligible purchased receivables, the process of allocating exposures to grades or pools, to reflect the impact of guarantees for the calculation of risk weighted exposure amounts. These criteria must comply with the minimum requirements referred to in BIPRU 4.10.43 R.[Note: BCD Annex VII Part 4 point 101]
(1) To calculate risk weighted exposure amounts, risk weights must be applied to all exposures, unless deducted from capital resources, in accordance with the provisions of BIPRU 3.4.(2) The application of risk weights must be based on the standardised credit risk exposure class to which the exposure is assigned and, to the extent specified in BIPRU 3.4, its credit quality.(3) Credit quality may be determined by reference to:(a) the credit assessments of eligible ECAIs in accordance
Exposures the calculation of risk weighted exposure amounts for which is not otherwise provided for under the standardised approach must be assigned a risk weight of 100%.[Note: BCD Article 80(6)]
The credit risk capital requirement3of a firm is 8% of the total of its risk weighted exposure amounts for exposures that:3(1) are on its balance sheet; and(2) derive from: (a) a loan entered into; or(b) a securitisation position originated; or(c) a fund3position entered into;3on or after 26 April 2014; and (3) have not been deducted from the firm'scapital resources under MIPRU 4.4.4 R or MIPRU 4.2BA;calculated in accordance with MIPRU 4.2A.
Loans, securitisation positions and fund positions entered into before 26 April 2014 are excluded from the credit risk capital requirement calculation.
The use of the concentration ratio approach for unrated securitisation positions is only permitted where all the following conditions are met:(1) the concentration ratio is equal to the sum of the nominal amounts of all the tranches divided by the sum of the nominal amounts of the tranches junior to, or equal to, the tranche in which the position is held, including that tranche itself;(2) where the resulting risk weight for a securitisation position is lower than any risk weight
Where the protected amount is less than the exposure value and the protected and unprotected portions are of equal seniority – i.e.1 the firm and the protection provider share losses on a pro-rata basis, proportional regulatory capital relief is afforded. For the purposes of BIPRU 3.2.20 R to BIPRU 3.2.26 Rrisk weighted exposure amounts must be calculated in accordance with the following formula:(E-GA) x r + GA x gwhere:1(1) E is the exposure value; according to BIPRU 3.2.1 R
(1) The maturity of the credit protection and that of the exposure must be reflected in the adjusted value of the credit protection according to the following formula:GA = G* x (t-t*)/(T-t*)where:(a) G* is the amount of the protection adjusted for any currency mismatch;(b) GA is G* adjusted for any maturity mismatch;(c) t is the number of years remaining to the maturity date of the credit protection calculated in accordance with BIPRU 5.8.3 R to BIPRU 5.8.5 R, or the value of
A firm's systems for the management and rating of credit risk exposures must be sound and implemented with integrity and, in particular, they must meet the following standards in accordance with the minimum IRB standards:(1) the firm'srating systems provide for a meaningful assessment of obligor and transaction characteristics, a meaningful differentiation of risk and accurate and consistent quantitative estimates of risk;(2) internal ratings and default and loss estimates used
1Significant credit risk will be considered to have been transferred for originators in the following cases:(1) the risk weighted exposure amounts of the mezzanine securitisation positions held by the originator in the securitisation do not exceed 50% of the risk weighted exposure amounts of all mezzanine securitisation positions existing in this securitisation;(2) where there are no mezzanine securitisation positions in a given securitisation and the originator can demonstrate