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62(1) [deleted]6(1A) Subject to the exceptions in (3) to (8), this chapter applies to a firm with Part 4A permission to carry on any of the following activities:6(a) insurance distribution activity8;6(b) home finance mediation activity; and6(c) MCD article 3(1)(b) credit intermediation activity.6(2) [deleted]61515(3) In6 relation to insurance distribution activity8, this chapter does not apply to a firm if another authorised person which has net tangible assets of more than £10
SUP 12.4.10ARRP
10Before a firm appoints a person as an appointed representative to carry on an MCD credit intermediation activity, it must ensure that the person has, and will maintain on a continuing basis after appointment, professional indemnity insurance in accordance with the rules applicable to MCD credit intermediaries. A firm will satisfy this requirement if:(1) [deleted]22(2) the firm has professional indemnity insurance in respect of claims for which the firm may be liable as a result