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MCOB 9.4.24RRP
Under the section heading "Description of this mortgage" the illustration must:(1) state the name of the mortgage lender providing the lifetime mortgage7 to which the illustration relates (a trading name used by the mortgage lender may also be stated in accordance with MCOB 9.4.2 R(6)), and the name, if any, used to market the lifetime mortgage;777(2) include a statement describing the lifetime mortgage;77(3) if the lifetime mortgage7 is linked to an investment, and payments required
MCOB 9.4.69RRP
(1) If a higher lending charge is payable by the customer, the following text must be used to describe such a charge for the purposes of MCOB 9.4.68 R:"A higher lending charge is payable because you are borrowing [insert the ratio of the mortgage amount (from MCOB 9.4.13 R) to the property's price or value (from MCOB 9.4.6 R(3))] of the property's [estimated] [price/value]."(2) If the customer has asked for any fees to be added to the loan, this must be stated alongside each fee.2(3)
MCOB 9.4.77GRP
Under the sub-heading "Insurance you must take out as a condition of this mortgage but that you do not have to take out through [insert name of mortgage lender or where relevant the name of the mortgage intermediary, or both]", the illustration should not include any insurance policy that may be taken out by a mortgage lender itself to protect its own interests rather than the customer's interests, for example, because of the ratio of the loan amount to the property value.1
The illustration provided as part of the offer document in accordance with MCOB 6.4.1 R (1) must meet the requirements of MCOB 5.6 (Content of illustrations) with the following modifications:(1) the illustration must be suitably adapted and revised to reflect the fact that the firm is making an offer to a customer and updated to reflect changes to, for example, the interest rate, charges, the exchange rate or the APR required by MCOB 10 (Annual Percentage Rate), at the date the
In adapting and revising the illustration that is part of the offer document in accordance with MCOB 6.4.4 R(1) a firm must:(1) avoid amending the format of the information required by MCOB 5.6 (Content of illustrations) where possible, since this could result in the illustration in the offer document being difficult to compare with the illustration originally provided to the customer in accordance with MCOB 5.5.1 R;(2) use, where possible, the same headings, ordering of information,