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MCOB 9.4.133RRP
8Under the section heading "About this information", the prescribed text under this heading in the home reversion planillustration must be included.
MCOB 9.4.134RRP
(1) 8Unless (2) applies, under the section heading "Which service are we providing you with?" the prescribed text in the home reversion planillustration under this heading must be included with a "check box" for each statement, one of which must be marked prominently to indicate the level of service provided to the customer;(2) If the level of service described in the illustration is provided by another firm, (1) may be replaced by the following: under the section heading "Which
MCOB 9.4.135RRP
8Under the section heading "What is a home reversion plan?", the prescribed text in the home reversion planillustration under this heading must be included.
MCOB 9.4.136RRP
(1) 8Under the section heading "What you have told us", the illustration must state the minimum information a firm must obtain from the customer (apart from details of the plan that the customer is interested in, which is in Section 5 of the illustration), and can include brief details of any other information that has been obtained from the customer and used to produce the illustration.(2) For an instalment reversion plan, where the customer requests an additional illustration
MCOB 9.4.139RRP
8Under the section heading "Description of this home reversion plan" the illustration must:(1) state the name of the reversion provider providing the home reversion plan to which the illustration relates (a trading name used by the reversion provider may also be stated), and the name, if any, used to market the home reversion plan;(2) include a statement describing the home reversion plan;(3) if the home reversion plan is linked to an investment, and payments required from the
MCOB 9.4.142RRP
8Under the section heading "Benefits", the illustration must include:(1) a description of the monetary amount(s), and in a box aligned to the right of the document, the monetary amount(s), that the customer will receive as a lump sum and/or as a regular payment;(2) if the home reversion plan is linked to an investment and the payments required from the customer on the home reversion plan will be deducted from the income from the investment, the monetary amount of the net income
MCOB 9.4.145RRP
8The illustration must include under the heading "Risks - important things you must consider" brief statements and warnings on all material risks involving a home reversion plan, including:(1) prominently at the beginning of the section: "A home reversion is a complex property transaction. You should seek legal advice to ensure that you fully understand all of the implications for you and your home and for anyone who might otherwise inherit the property.";(2) the effect of the
MCOB 9.4.147RRP
8Under the heading "Risks - important things you must consider" the illustration must also include the following if they apply:(1) for an instalment reversion plan, a statement that if the customer dies in the early years of the plan, income payments will cease and therefore the full expected benefits of the plan will not be obtained;(2) (a) for an instalment reversion plan where there is a regular cash sum payable; and(b) where:(i) the home reversion plan is linked to an investment;