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MCOB 11.6.42GRP
Firms are reminded that:(1) interest-only mortgages include those where some, but not all, interest is payable at the end of the term. Accordingly, the requirement in MCOB 11.6.41R (1)(b) applies equally to such interest-only mortgages as it does to those where all of the interest is accrued until the end of the term; and (2) a lifetime mortgage is a type of interest-only mortgage, as full repayment of capital and interest is not required over the term. Accordingly, the requirements
MCOB 11.6.49RRP
(1) This rule applies in relation to all interest-only mortgages which a mortgage lenderenters into on or after 26 April 2014 except:(a) lifetime mortgages7;(aa) retirement interest-only mortgages;7(b) bridging loans; and(c) any other case where the repayment of capital borrowed and, if applicable, interest accrued, is certain.(2) Except as set out in (3), a mortgage lender must carry out a review (as a minimum, once) during the term of the mortgage, in which contact is made with
MCOB 11.6.50RRP
A mortgage lender which enters intointerest-only mortgages (unless they are only lifetime mortgages) must include in the policy which is required by MCOB 11.6.20 R (Responsible lending and financing policy) a policy on interest-only mortgages, setting out its processes and procedures for ensuring compliance with MCOB 11.6.41R (1) and for safeguarding the interests of customers during the term of interest-only mortgages. This policy must include:(1) details of the mortgage lender's
MCOB 5.6.31RRP
Under the section heading 'Overall cost of this mortgage' where the regulated mortgage contract has an agreed term for repayment and a regular payment plan (that is, it is not a revolving credit agreement such as a secured overdraft or mortgage credit card, or a regulated mortgage contract where all of the interest rolls up, such as an open-ended bridging loan9):9(1) the following text must be included in the illustration: 'The overall cost takes into account the payments in Sections
The illustration provided as part of the offer document in accordance with MCOB 6.4.1 R (1) must meet the requirements of MCOB 5.6 (Content of illustrations) with the following modifications:(1) the illustration must be suitably adapted and revised to reflect the fact that the firm is making an offer to a customer and updated to reflect changes to, for example, the interest rate, charges, the exchange rate or the APR required by MCOB 10 (Annual Percentage Rate), at the date the