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MCOB 9.4.73RRP
Under the sub-heading 'Insurance you must take out through [insert name of mortgage lender or where relevant the name of the mortgage intermediary, or both]' the following information must be included if the lifetime mortgage7 requires the customer to take out insurance that is a tied product either through the mortgage lender or where relevant the mortgage intermediary:7(1) details of which insurance is a tied product;(2) for how long the customer is obliged to purchase the insurance;(3)
MCOB 9.4.109RRP
Under the sub-heading "Linked current account" the illustration must include the following information:(1) whether a linked current account is a compulsory or optional product (if the current account is a compulsory product this must also be stated in Section 5 of the illustration in accordance with MCOB 9.4.24 R(7));(2) an explanation of the interest rates that apply under different circumstances to the linked current account, if different from the interest rate charged on the
MCOB 9.4.130RRP
If the lifetime mortgage7 is a shared appreciation mortgage, MCOB 9.4 applies to the illustration with the following modifications:7(1) Section 5 "Description of this mortgage" must contain the following additional information and text in this order after the details required by MCOB 9.4.24 R to MCOB 9.4.29 R:(a) "This lifetime mortgage involves [name of mortgage lender] taking a percentage share in any increase in the value of your property [insert details of all occasions when
MCOB 5.6.73RRP
(1) Under the section heading 'Insurance' the illustration must include details of:(a) insurance which is a tied product; and(b) insurance which is required as a condition of the regulated mortgage contract which is not a tied product.(2) A firm may also provide details of insurance which it is optional for the customer to take out under this section heading.(3) It must be clear to the customer which products he is required to purchase under which circumstances (for example, where
MCOB 5.6.126GRP
(1) An amortisation table may be added to the end of the illustration after the information required by MCOB 5.6.124 R if the mortgage lender or mortgage intermediary wishes. A firm may find that this is particularly appropriate to illustrate certain types of regulated mortgage contract, for example, a regulated mortgage contract with more than one part.(2) The purpose of (1) is to permit a firm to add an amortisation table in accordance with the European Commission's 'Recommendation