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The statement required by MCOB 7.5.1 R must contain the following information:(1) except in the case of mortgage credit cards, information on the type oflifetime mortgage,3 (for example, fixed rate or variable rate) including a clear statement of how the firm expects the capital, or capital and interest (whichever is applicable) to be repaid (for example, from the proceeds of the sale of the property);3(2) details of the following transactions and information on the lifetime
(1) The variation in MCOB 4.8A.10 R might involve: a transfer to a different property (“porting”); the addition or removal of a borrower for joint mortgages; an extension of the term; a change in payment method; or consent to let the property. This list is not exhaustive.(2) Examples of rate changes in MCOB 4.8A.10R (1)(b) are: a transfer from a variable rate to a fixed rate; and a transfer from one fixed rate to another fixed rate.(3) [deleted]43(4) Where a firm’s range of regulated