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If a firm gives advice to a particular customer to enter into an equity release transaction, or to vary an existing equity release transaction, it must take reasonable steps to ensure that the equity release transaction is, or after the variation will be, suitable for that customer.
For the purposes of MCOB 8.5A.2 R: (1) an equity release transaction will not be suitable for a customer unless the equity release transaction is appropriate to the needs and circumstances of the customer; (2) a firm must base its determination of whether an equity release transaction is appropriate to a customer's needs and circumstances on the facts disclosed by the customer and other relevant facts about the customer of which the firm is or should reasonably be aware;(3) no
When a firm assesses whether the equity release transaction is appropriate to the needs and circumstances of the customer for the purposes of MCOB 8.5A.5 R, the factors it must consider include the following:(1) whether the benefits to the customer outweigh any adverse effect on:(a) the customer's entitlement (if any) to means-tested benefits; and(b) the customer's tax position (for example the loss of an Age Allowance);(2) alternative methods of raising the required funds such
In relation to MCOB 8.5A.5R (1), when a firmadvises a customer in relation to entering into an equity release transaction where the main purpose for doing so is the consolidation of existing debts by the customer, it must also take account of the following in assessing whether the equity release transaction is suitable for the customer: (1) the costs associated with increasing the period over which a debt is to be repaid; (2) whether it is appropriate for the customer to secure
MCOB 8.5A.5R (3) means that where the advice provided is based on a selection of equity release transactions from a single or limited number of providers, the assessment of suitability should not be limited to the types of equity release transactions which the firm offers. A firm cannot recommend the 'least worst' equity release transaction where the firm does not have access to products appropriate to the customer's needs and circumstances. This means, for example, that if a
(1) A firm must make and retain a record: (a) of the customer information, including that relating to the customer's needs and circumstances and the customer's apparent satisfaction of the equity release provider's known eligibility criteria, that it has obtained for the purposes of MCOB 8.5A; (b) that explains why the firm has concluded that any advice given to a customer complies with MCOB 8.5A.2 R and satisfies the suitability requirement in MCOB 8.5A.5R (1); (c) of any advice
MCOB 9.3.12RRP
In meeting a request an illustration in relation to a particular equity release transaction (see MCOB 5.5.1 R (2)(d))4, the firm must not delay the provision of the illustration by requesting information other than:34(1) the information necessary to personalise the illustration, if the firm does not already know it;3(2) where the firm is uncertain whether the transaction will be an equity release transaction,3 such information as is necessary to ascertain this;33(3) where the