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(1) The rules in (2) do not apply to a firm with respect to a regulated mortgage activity or a home purchase activity2 exclusively concerning a distance contract if the following conditions are satisfied:2(a) the firm carries on the activity from an establishment maintained by the firm in an EEA State other than the United Kingdom; and(b) either the EEA State:(i) has implemented the DMD; or(ii) has obligations in its domestic law corresponding to those provided for by the DMD;and,
Parts of MCOB relate to distance contracts (or distance mortgage mediation contracts and distance home purchase mediation contracts2) with retail customers. These expressions are derived from the Distance Marketing Directive, and the following paragraphs provide some guidance to firms on their meaning:(1) Retail customerThe Distance Marketing Directive applies for distance contracts with 'any natural person who is acting for purposes which are outside his trade, business or profession',
(1) This chapter amplifies Principle 6 (Customers' interests), Principle 7 (Communications with clients) and Principle 9 (Customers: relationships of trust). 1(2) The purpose of this chapter is to ensure that:(a) customers are adequately informed about the nature of the service which they may receive from a firm in relation to home finance transactions1. In particular firms need to make clear to customers the scope of home finance transactions available from them; and11(b) where
Regulation 11 (Automatic cancellation of an attached distance contract) of the Distance Marketing Regulations, has the effect that when notice of cancellation is given in relation to a contract, that notice also operates to cancel any attached contract, which is also a distance financial services contract. An example of such an attached contract might be a distance non-investment insurance contract.
PERG 4.11.22GRP
The FSA will be responsible for implementing the Distance Marketing Directive for those firms and activities it regulates. The FSA and the Treasury agree that the Distance Marketing Directive is intended to operate on a country of origin basis, except where a firm is marketing into the UK from an establishment in an EEA State which has not implemented the Directive.
GEN 2.2.14 R (References to writing) has the effect that electronic media may be used to make communications that are required by the Handbook to be 'in writing' unless a contrary intention appears. In MCOB, the use of an electronic medium is restricted in certain circumstances to a durable medium as required by the Distance Marketing Directive.
(1) There are certain additional disclosure requirements laid down by the Distance Marketing Directive that will have to be provided by a mortgage intermediary and a home purchase intermediary4 to a retail customer prior to the conclusion of a distance mortgage mediation contract or a distance home purchase mediation contract4. The purpose of this section, MCOB 4.5, is to set out those additional requirements. MCOB 4.6 sets out the cancellation rights that apply in relation to