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1If the firm chooses not to give an illustration in the circumstances set out in MCOB 5.5.1AR (1), where it has given advice on a direct deal, the firm must give the customer a written record of the advice.
MCOB 5.5.15RRP
In meeting a request for an illustration in accordance with MCOB 5.5.1 R (2)(d)11, the firm must not delay the provision of the illustration by requesting information other than:1(1) the information necessary to personalise the illustration in accordance with MCOB 5.6.6 R, if the firm does not already know it;(2) where the firm acts in accordance with MCOB 5.5.11 R(2), such information as is necessary to ascertain whether or not the contract will be a regulated mortgage contract;(3)
MCOB 5.5.17GRP
A firm may use information that it already holds on the customer for the purpose of producing the illustration (for example, if it already holds the customer's credit record), providing the use of this information does not delay the customer receiving the illustration and the customer's consent is obtained where appropriate.
MCOB 5.4.22GRP
The record maintained in accordance with MCOB 5.4.19 R should contain or refer to matters such as:(1) the date on which the illustration was provided to the customer;(2) the date of the application made by the customer; and(3) details of the medium through which the illustration was provided.
(1) A firm must make available:(a) the information on the employers’ liability register either:(i) on the firm's website at the address notified to the FCA in ICOBS 8.4.6R (1); or(ii) by arranging for a tracing office which meets the conditions in ICOBS 8.4.9 R to make the information available on the tracing office’s website; and(b) the latest director's certificate prepared in accordance with SUP 16.23A.5R(1)5 and the latest report prepared by an auditor for the purposes of
The conditions referred to in ICOBS 8.4.4R (2)(d) and ICOBS 8.4.7R (1)(a)(ii) are that the tracing office is one which:(1) maintains a database which:(a) accurately and reliably stores information submitted to it by firms for the purposes of complying with these rules;(b) has systems which can adequately keep it up to date in the light of new information provided by firms;(c) has an effective search function which allows a person inputting data included on the database relating
3A firm must put in place a written policy for complying with ICOBS 8.4.14 R and operate in accordance with it. The policy must cover at least the following matters:(1) details of where the firm's historical policies are held or are likely to be held (including details of records which are archived or stored off site);(2) details of the different types of records to be searched by the firm, such as electronic files, paper files, and microfiche; and(3) details of how the searches
(1) 3Where a firm has established that a historical policy does exist, the response should confirm what cover was provided and set out any available information that is relevant to the request received.(2) Where there is evidence to suggest that a historical policy does exist, but the firm is unable to confirm what cover was provided, the response should set out any information relevant to the request and describe the next steps (if any) the firm will take to continue the search.
CASS 7.19.25RRP
The records maintained under this section, including the sub-pool disclosure documents, are a record of the firm that must be kept in a durable medium for at least five years following the date on which client money was last held by the firm for a sub-pool to which those records or the sub-pool disclosure document applied.
In considering the information communicated to the complainant and the complainant's information needs, the evidence to which a firm should have regard includes:(1) the complainant's individual circumstances at the time of the sale (for example, the firm should take into account any evidence of limited financial capability or understanding on the part of the complainant);(2) the complainant's objectives and intentions at the time of the sale;(3) whether, from a reasonable customer's
The main reasons why a credit union should maintain adequate accounting and other records are:(1) to provide the governing body5 with adequate financial and other information to enable it to conduct its business in a prudent manner on a day-to-day basis;(2) to safeguard the assets of the credit union and the interests of members and persons too young to be members; (3) to assist officers of the credit union to fulfil their regulatory and statutory duties in relation to the preparation
MCOB 13.3.10GRP
The record referred to in MCOB 13.3.9 R should contain, or provide reference to, matters such as:(1) the date of first communication with the customer after the account was identified as having a payment shortfall;44(2) in relation to correspondence issued to a customer with a payment shortfall4, the name and contact number of the employee dealing with that correspondence, where known;4(3) the basis for issuing tailored information in accordance with MCOB 13.7.1 R in relation
(1) A firm must make an adequate record of each offer document which it issues to a consumer under MCOB 6A.(2) The record required by (1) must be retained for one year from the date that the offer document is issued to the consumer.(3) If, in accordance with MCOB 6A.4 (Information to be provided in the offer document or separately), information is included in a separate document that is sent with the offer document, that information must also be retained as part of the record
If the firm chooses not to give an ESIS in the circumstances in MCOB 5A.4.2R (1), where it has given advice on a direct deal, the firm must give the consumer a written record of the advice.