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2A firm may comply with the requirement in MCOB 5.9.1 R (Pre-sale disclosure) for disclosures and warnings to be confirmed in writing by providing the potential SRB agreement seller with the written pre-offer document that is required by MCOB 6.9.3 R (Written pre-offer document: Stage One) if this can be done as quickly as providing the pre-sale disclosures, provided that (in accordance with MCOB 5.9.1 R) the firm does not demand or accept any fees, charges or other sums from
2If the firm has reasonable evidence that the contract is not a regulated sale and rent back agreement, for example where at least 40% of the property is not going to be occupied as a dwelling by the seller or his family, and has not provided the required pre-sale disclosures and the firm subsequently concludes that the contract does qualify as a regulated sale and rent back agreement, there is no requirement to provide separate pre-sale disclosures at the time the firm reaches