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MCOB 5.6.52RRP
Where all or part of the regulated mortgage contract to which the illustration relates is an interest-only mortgage:(1) the illustration must include the sub-heading 'Cost of repaying the capital' with the following text under it:'You will still owe [insert amount of loan on an interest-only basis] at the end of the mortgage term. You will need to make separate arrangements to repay this. When comparing the payments on this mortgage with a repayment mortgage, remember to add any
A firm must ensure that the offer document contains a prominent statement explaining:(1) the period for which the offer is valid;(2) where the MCD regulated mortgage contract contains features, such as additional unsecured borrowing facilities, which could result in the consumer borrowing more money that, where such features are used, the amount of the consumer's debt will increase;(3) when any interest rate change on the MCD regulated mortgage contract takes effect. This statement