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MCOB 5.6.28RRP
Where the loan under the regulated mortgage contract is divided into more than one part (for example where part of the loan is a fixed interest rate and part of the loan is a discounted variable interest rate) and the firm displays this in a tabular format in the illustration:(1) the following text must be used to introduce the table 'As this mortgage is made up of more than one part, these parts are summarised below:';(2) each part must be numbered for ease of reference in the
MCOB 5.6.126GRP
(1) An amortisation table may be added to the end of the illustration after the information required by MCOB 5.6.124 R if the mortgage lender or mortgage intermediary wishes. A firm may find that this is particularly appropriate to illustrate certain types of regulated mortgage contract, for example, a regulated mortgage contract with more than one part.(2) The purpose of (1) is to permit a firm to add an amortisation table in accordance with the European Commission's 'Recommendation
MCOB 5.6.132RRP
If the interest rate charged on the regulated mortgage contract is deferred, MCOB 5.6 applies with the following additions:(1) A section headed: 'Effect of deferring interest on the amount you owe' must be included in the illustration after Section 6.(2) This section must be numbered 6a so that the numbering follows on consecutively from the preceding section unless MCOB 5.6.55 R applies in which case it should be numbered 6b.(3) Under the section heading the following text must