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As a minimum the illustration must be personalised to reflect the following requirements of the customer:(1) the specific regulated mortgage contract in which the customer is interested;(2) the amount of the loan required;(3) the price or value of the property on which the regulated mortgage contract would be secured (estimated where necessary);(4) the term of the regulated mortgage contract. If 12the customer is unable to suggest a date at which they expect to repay the loan,
MCOB 5.6.136RRP
Section 6 of the illustration must contain the following information:(1) the loan amount on which the illustration is based. Where fees are being added to the loan then this figure should include all fees, charges and insurance premiums that have been added to the loan in accordance with MCOB 5.6.18 R(2) and MCOB 5.6.18 R(3), and the following text must follow the loan amount:'and include[s] the fees [and insurance premiums] that are shown in Section 8 [and Section 9] as being