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MCOB 9.4.83RRP
Under the heading "What happens if you do not want this mortgage any more?", the illustration must include the following information on the lifetime mortgage:77(1) under the sub-heading "Early repayment charges":(a) an explanation of whether early repayment charges are payable;(b) an explanation of when early repayment charges are payable;(c) an explanation of any other fees that are payable if the lifetime mortgage7 is repaid early, and the current level of these fees;7(d) a
MCOB 5.6.14GRP
(1) MCOB 5.6.13 R applies where, for example, the illustration covers a regulated mortgage contract that is:(a) divided so that a certain amount of the loan is payable on a fixed interest rate, and a certain amount on a discounted interest rate; or(b) a combination of a repayment mortgage and an interest-only mortgage and the loan is subdivided into different types of interest rate and/or different rates of interest.(2) MCOB 5.6.13 R does not apply where an illustration covers
MCOB 5.6.28RRP
Where the loan under the regulated mortgage contract is divided into more than one part (for example where part of the loan is a fixed interest rate and part of the loan is a discounted variable interest rate) and the firm displays this in a tabular format in the illustration:(1) the following text must be used to introduce the table 'As this mortgage is made up of more than one part, these parts are summarised below:';(2) each part must be numbered for ease of reference in the
MCOB 5.6.60RRP
The amount by which the customer's payments would increase in accordance with MCOB 5.6.59 R(1)(g) and (h) must be calculated as follows:(1) the firm must use the total amount borrowed, or assume that all payments due on the regulated mortgage contract have actually been paid, all additional fees and payments due have been paid, and no underpayments or overpayments have been made;(2) where all or part of the regulated mortgage contract is a repayment mortgage, the calculation must
MCOB 5.6.132RRP
If the interest rate charged on the regulated mortgage contract is deferred, MCOB 5.6 applies with the following additions:(1) A section headed: 'Effect of deferring interest on the amount you owe' must be included in the illustration after Section 6.(2) This section must be numbered 6a so that the numbering follows on consecutively from the preceding section unless MCOB 5.6.55 R applies in which case it should be numbered 6b.(3) Under the section heading the following text must
MCOB 5.6.136RRP
Section 6 of the illustration must contain the following information:(1) the loan amount on which the illustration is based. Where fees are being added to the loan then this figure should include all fees, charges and insurance premiums that have been added to the loan in accordance with MCOB 5.6.18 R(2) and MCOB 5.6.18 R(3), and the following text must follow the loan amount:'and include[s] the fees [and insurance premiums] that are shown in Section 8 [and Section 9] as being
A firm that enters into a lifetime mortgage1 with a customer where interest payments are required (whether or not they will be collected by deduction from the income from an annuity or other linked investment product) must provide the customer with the following information before the customer makes the first payment under the contract:1(1) the amount of the first payment required;(2) the amount of the subsequent payments;(3) the method by which the payments will be collected
Where thelifetime mortgage1 provides for a lump sum payment to be made to the customer, and all or part of the interest will be rolled up during the life of the mortgage, the firm must provide the customer with the following information before the customer makes the first payment under the contract, or if no payments are required from the customer, within seven days of completion of the mortgage:1(1) if no payments are required from the customer, confirmation that no payments
The statement required by MCOB 7.5.1 R must contain the following information:(1) except in the case of mortgage credit cards, information on the type oflifetime mortgage,3 (for example, fixed rate or variable rate) including a clear statement of how the firm expects the capital, or capital and interest (whichever is applicable) to be repaid (for example, from the proceeds of the sale of the property);3(2) details of the following transactions and information on the lifetime