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MCOB 4.10.13RRP
(1) 3A firm must make and retain a record:(a) of the customer information, including that relating to the customer's needs and circumstances that it has obtained for the purposes of MCOB 4.10.5D R; (b) that explains why the firm has concluded that any advice given to a customer complies with MCOB 4.10.5A R and satisfies the suitability requirement in MCOB 4.10.5DR (1); and(c) of any advice which the customer has rejected, including the reasons why it was rejected and details of
MCOB 4.10.14GRP
3Firms should note the record-keeping requirements in MCOB 4.8A in relation to execution-only sales which are imposed in relation to home purchase plans by MCOB 4.10.9B R.
(1) This chapter amplifies Principle 6 (Customers' interests), Principle 7 (Communications with clients) and Principle 9 (Customers: relationships of trust). 1(2) The purpose of this chapter is to ensure that:(a) customers are adequately informed about the range2 of home finance transactions available from firms and the basis of their remuneration;21212(b) where advice is given, it is suitable for the customer.2(c) 2the firm provides advice whenever it makes a sale during which