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Except for MCOB 3A.2.4R (2) and MCOB 3A.5, this chapter does not apply to a firm in relation to a financial promotion of qualifying credit that is of a kind listed in MCOB 3A.1.9 R, except if the firm approves the financial promotion, then the following apply:(1) MCOB 3A.1 (Application and purpose);(2) MCOB 3A.2.4 R (Fair, clear and not misleading financial promotions);(3) MCOB 3A.4.4 G to MCOB 3A.4.7 G (Approval of qualifying credit promotions; No approval of real time qualifying
1A firm must make an adequate record of each non-real time financial promotion of qualifying credit, home reversion plan or regulated sale and rent back agreement which it has confirmed as complying with the rules in this chapter. The record must be retained for a year from the date at which the financial promotion was last communicated.