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A firm must take reasonable steps, where it has agreed to accept sales leads from a lead generator for debt counselling or debt adjusting or providing credit information services, to ensure that the lead generator: (1) where it does not have a Part 4A permission for debt counselling and is not an appointed representative of a firm with such permission, does not carry on debt counselling in obtaining or passing on sales leads to the firm;(2) where it carries on debt counselling,
(1) It is likely to be an inappropriate offer of an inducement or incentive to enter into an regulated credit agreement or a regulated consumer hire agreement to state that the offer in relation to the agreement will be withdrawn or the terms and conditions of the offer will worsen if the agreement is not signed immediately or within a stated period after the communication, unless the firm's offer on those terms and conditions will in fact be withdrawn or worsen in the period
Firms will need to consider the implications of data protection legislation3 under which personal data that a firm, as data controller, holds about its customer cannot be disclosed to a third party without their3 consent. In practice the firm is likely to need the SRB agreement seller's consent to disclosing the matters covered by MCOB 6.9.8 R to the relevant mortgage lender or home purchase provider.