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MCOB 11.6.58RRP
A mortgage lender may not enter into an interest roll-up mortgage, or vary an existing regulated mortgage contract so that it becomes an interest roll-up mortgage, unless it is:(1) a lifetime mortgage; or(2) a bridging loan; or(3) a loan to a high net worth mortgage customer; or(4) a loan solely for business purposes; or3(5) a shared equity credit agreement.3
2Firms are only obliged to assess the suitability of a regulated mortgage contract or a shared equity credit agreement where this forms part of the transaction between the consumer and the firm.5
2When a firm assesses whether a shared equity credit agreement is appropriate to the needs and circumstances of the customer for the purposes of MCOB 4.7A.5R (1) it must consider, in addition to the factors listed in MCOB 4.7A.6 R, whether it is appropriate for the customer to: (1) take out the shared equity credit agreement for a particular term, taking into account the customer's intentions about the repayment of that shared equity credit agreement and the term of the customer's
In complying with MCOB 4.7A.5R (1) a firm is not required to consider whether it would be preferable for the customer to:(1) purchase a property by using his own resources, rather than by borrowing under a regulated mortgage contract (save for where the customer is seeking to enter into a shared equity credit agreement (see MCOB 4.7A.14AR (4);2 or(2) rent a property, rather than purchase one; or(3) delay entering into a regulated mortgage contract until a later date (on the grounds
A firm must not enter into or arrange an execution-only sale for a regulated mortgage contract2 if:2(1) the customer is intending to use it to exercise a statutory “right to buy” the customer's home; or(2) the main purpose of the customer's entering into it is to raise funds for debt consolidation; or(3) there is spoken or other interactive dialogue between the firm and the customer at any point during the sale, except as described by MCOB 4.8A.7AR4; or2(4) the regulated mortgage
An MCD mortgage lender may request the consumer, family member or close relation of the consumer to:(1) open or maintain a payment or a savings account, where the only purpose of the account is to accumulate capital to repay the credit, to service the credit, to pool resources to obtain the credit, or to provide additional security for the MCD mortgage lender in the event of default;(2) purchase or keep an investment product or a private pension product, where such product primarily
(1) If an MCD regulated mortgage contract gives the consumerfreedom of drawdown, the total amount of credit must be deemed to be drawn down immediately and in full.(2) If an MCD regulated mortgage contract provides different ways of drawdown with different charges or borrowing rates, the total amount of credit must be deemed to be drawn down at the highest charge and borrowing rate applied to the most common drawdown mechanism for that type of MCD regulated mortgage contract.(3)