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LR 5.2.11RRP
Where LR 5.2.10R applies, the 14issuer9 must notify shareholders5 and, in the case of certificates representing shares, holders of certificates:14951199922(1) by stating:14(a) that the offeror has reached the threshold described in LR 5.2.10R(2);14(b) that the notice period has therefore commenced; and14(c) the anticipated date of cancellation, or14(2) by stating in the explanatory letter or other material accompanying the section 979 notice:14(a) that the notice period has commenced;
LR 5.2.11ARRP
9LR 5.2.5 R does not apply to the cancellation of securities11 with a premium listing in the case of a takeover offer if:(1) the offeror or any controlling shareholder who is an offeror is interested in more than 50% of the voting rights of an issuer before announcing its firm intention to make its takeover offer;(2) the offeror has by virtue of its shareholdings and acceptances of its takeover offer, acquired or agreed to acquire issued share capital carrying 75% of the voting
LR 5.3.2RRP
The issuer must also include with a request to cancel the listing of its securities the following:(1) if the cancellation is to take effect after the completion of the compulsory acquisition procedures under Chapter 3 of Part 281 of the Companies Act 20061, a copy of the notice sent to dissenting shareholders of the offeree together with written confirmation that there have been no objections made to the court within the prescribed period;11(2) for a cancellation referred to in