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LR 15.4.8RRP
Unless LR 15.4.8A R applies, a6closed-ended investment fund must :666166(1) submit any proposed material change to its published investment policy to the FCA for approval; and6(2) having obtained the FCA's approval, obtain the prior approval of its shareholders to any material change to its published investment policy.6
LR 15.4.8ARRP
6A closed-ended investment fund is not required to seek the FCA’s approval for a material change to its published investment policy if:(1) the change is proposed to enable the winding up of the closed-ended investment fund; and(2) the winding up: (a) is in accordance with the constitution of the closed-ended investment fund; and(b) will be submitted for approval by the shareholders of the closed-ended investment fund at the same time as the proposed material change to the investment
LR 15.6.2RRP
In addition to the requirements in LR 9.8 (Annual financial report), a closed-ended investment fund must include in its annual financial report:(1) a statement (including a quantitative analysis) explaining how it has invested its assets with a view to spreading investment risk in accordance with its published investment policy; (2) a statement, set out in a prominent position, as to whether in the opinion of the directors, the continuing appointment of the investment manager