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LR 13.5.7GRP
In complying with LR 13.5.6 R a listed company should:(1) state whether the financial information was extracted from accounts, internal financial accounting records, internal management accounting records, an external or other source;(2) state whether financial information that was extracted from audited accounts was extracted without material adjustment; and(3) indicate which aspects of the financial information relate to:(a) historical financial information;(b) forecast or estimated
LR 13.5.12RRP
A listed company that is required by LR 13.5.1 R or LR 13.5.3BR (1)2 to produce financial information in a class 1 circular must include in the circular a financial information table.
LR 13.5.14RRP
A listed company must include, in a financial information table, financial information that covers:(1) the target; and(2) the target'ssubsidiary undertakings, if any.
LR 13.5.17ARRP
2If the target has made an acquisition or a series of acquisitions that were made during, or subsequent to, the reporting periods set out in LR 13.5.13 R the listed company must include additional financial information tables so that the financial information presented by the listed company represents at least 75% of the enlarged target for the period from the commencement of the relevant three year reporting period set out in LR 13.5.13R (1) up to the date of the acquisition
LR 13.5.18RRP
A listed company must ensure that a financial information table includes, for each of the periods covered by the table:(1) a balance sheet and its explanatory notes;(2) an income statement and its explanatory notes;(3) a cash flow statement and its explanatory notes;(4) a statement showing either all changes in equity or changes in equity other than those arising from capital transactions with owners and distributions to owners;(5) the accounting policies; and(6) any additional
LR 13.5.30BRRP
(1) 2In the case of a class 1 disposal, a financial information table must include for the target:(a) the last annual consolidated balance sheet; (b) the consolidated income statements for the last three years drawn up to at least the level of profit or loss for the period; and(c) the consolidated balance sheet and consolidated income statement (drawn up to at least the level of profit or loss for the period) at the issuer's interim balance sheet date if the issuer has published
LR 9.5.15RRP
A listed company must ensure that any temporary document of title (other than one issued in global form) for an equity security:(1) is serially numbered;(2) states where applicable:(a) the name and address of the first holder and names of joint holders (if any);(b) for a fixed income security, the amount of the next payment of interest or dividend;(c) the pro rata entitlement;(d) the last date on which transfers were or will be accepted for registration for participation in the
LR 9.5.16RRP
A listed company must ensure that any definitive document of title for an equity share6 (other than a bearer security) includes the following matters on its face (or on the reverse in the case of paragraphs (5) and (7)):6(1) the authority under which the listed company is constituted and the country of incorporation and registered number (if any);(2) the number or amount of securities the certificate represents and, if applicable, the number and denomination of units (in the top
LR 9.8.6AGRP
(1) 4The effect of LR 9.8.6R (1) is that a listed company is required to set out a 'snapshot' of the total interests of a director and his or her connected persons, as at the end of the period under review (including certain information to update it as at a date not more than a month before the date of the notice of the annual general meeting). The interests that need to be set out are limited to those in respect of which transactions fall to be notified under the notification
LR 13.1.8RRP
4A request to the FCA to authorise the omission of specific information in a particular case must:(1) be made in writing by the listed company;(2) identify the specific information concerned and the specific reasons for the omission; and(3) state why in the listed company's opinion one or more grounds in LR 13.1.7 G apply.
LR 7.2.3GRP
Timely and accurate disclosure of information to the market is a key obligation of listed companies. For the purposes of Listing Principle 13, a listed company should have adequate systems and controls to be able to:3313(1) ensure that it can properly identify information which requires disclosure under the listing rules, disclosure requirements4, transparency rules or corporate governance rules3 in a timely manner; and3(2) ensure that any information identified under (1) is properly
LR 13.3.3RRP
1If a listed company includes pro forma financial information in a class 1 circular, a related party circular or a circular relating to the purchase by the company of 25% or more its issued equity shares (excluding treasury shares), it must comply with the requirements for pro forma financial information set out in the PR Regulation2.