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LR 9.5.8BRRP
7A listed company must ensure that for a subscription in an open offer with a compensatory element the following are notified to a RIS as soon as possible:(1) the offer price and principal terms of the offer; and(2) the results of the offer and, if any securities not taken up are sold, details of the sale, including the date and price per share.
LR 9.5.10RRP
(1) If a listed company makes an open offer, placing, vendor consideration placing, offer for subscription of equity shares or an issue out of treasury (other than in respect of an employees’ share scheme)3 of a class already listed, the price must not be at a discount of more than 10% to the middle market price of those shares at the time of announcing the terms of the offer for an open offer or offer for subscription of equity shares8 or at the time of agreeing the placing for
LR 9.5.15RRP
A listed company must ensure that any temporary document of title (other than one issued in global form) for an equity security:(1) is serially numbered;(2) states where applicable:(a) the name and address of the first holder and names of joint holders (if any);(b) for a fixed income security, the amount of the next payment of interest or dividend;(c) the pro rata entitlement;(d) the last date on which transfers were or will be accepted for registration for participation in the
LR 9.5.16RRP
A listed company must ensure that any definitive document of title for an equity share6 (other than a bearer security) includes the following matters on its face (or on the reverse in the case of paragraphs (5) and (7)):6(1) the authority under which the listed company is constituted and the country of incorporation and registered number (if any);(2) the number or amount of securities the certificate represents and, if applicable, the number and denomination of units (in the top
LR 9.2.22GRP
9The FCA may modify the operation of LR 9.2.21 R in exceptional circumstances, for example to accommodate the operation of:(1) special share arrangements designed to protect the national interest;(2) dual listed company voting arrangements; and(3) voting rights attaching to preference shares or similar securities that are in arrears.
LR 12.4.7RRP
Unless LR 12.4.8 R applies, a company with listed securities convertible into, or exchangeable for, or carrying a right to subscribe for equity shares of the class proposed to be purchased must (prior to entering into any agreement to purchase such shares):(1) convene a separate meeting of the holders of those securities; and(2) obtain their approval for the proposed purchase of equity shares by a special2 resolution.2
LR 13.8.11RRP
A circular to shareholders about the approval of an employee's share scheme or long-term incentive scheme must:(1) include either the full text of the scheme or a description of its principal terms;(2) include, if directors of the listed company are trustees of the scheme, or have a direct or indirect interest in the trustees, details of the trusteeship or interest;(3) state that the provisions (if any) relating to:(a) the persons to whom, or for whom, securities, cash or other
LR 9.6.4RRP
A listed company must notify a RIS as soon as possible (unless otherwise indicated in this rule) of the following information relating to its capital:(1) any proposed change in its capital structure including the structure of its listeddebt securities, save that an announcement of a new issue may be delayed while marketing or underwriting is in progress;(2) [deleted]11(3) any redemption of listedshares including details of the number of shares redeemed and the number of shares
LR 9.8.4RRP
In addition to the requirements set out in DTR 4.1 a listed company1 must include in its annual financial report1, where applicable, the following:1(1) a statement of the amount of interest capitalised by the group during the period under review with an indication of the amount and treatment of any related tax relief;(2) any information required by LR 9.2.18 R (Publication of unaudited financial information);(3) [deleted]1313(4) details of any long-term incentive schemes as required
LR 9.8.6RRP
In the case of a listed company incorporated in the United Kingdom, the following additional items must be included in its annual financial report1:1(1) a statement setting out all the interests (in respect of which transactions are notifiable to the company under article 19 of the Market Abuse Regulation16) 4of each person who is4 a3director of the listed company as at the end of4 the period under review including:44334(a) all changes in the interests of each director that have
LR 12.5.1RRP
Except where the purchases will consist of individual transactions made in accordance with the terms of issue of the relevant securities, where1 a listed company intends to purchase any of its securities convertible into its equity shares2 with a premium listing2 it must:1(1) ensure that no dealings in the relevant securities are carried out by or on behalf of the company or any member of its group until the proposal has either been notified to a RIS or abandoned; and(2) notify
LR 10.2.8RRP
If:(1) a major subsidiary undertaking of a listed company issues equity shares for cash or in exchange for other securities or to reduce indebtedness;(2) the issue would dilute the listed company's percentage interest in the major subsidiary undertaking; and(3) the economic effect of the dilution is equivalent to a disposal of 25% or more of the aggregate of the gross assets or profits (after the deduction of all charges except taxation) of the group;the issue is to be treated
LR 9.3.11RRP
A listed company proposing to issue equity securities7 for cash or to sell treasury shares that are equity shares8for cash must first offer those equity securities7 in proportion to their existing holdings to:78887(1) existing holders of that class of equity shares (other than the listed company itself by virtue of it holding treasury shares); and(2) holders of other equity shares of the listed company who are entitled to be offered them.
LR 9.3.12RRP
LR 9.3.11 R does not apply to:8(1) a listed company incorporated in the United Kingdom if a 8disapplication of statutory pre-emption rights has been authorised by shareholders in accordance with section 57053(Disapplication of pre-emption rights: directors acting under general authorisation) or section 571 (Disapplication of pre-emption rights by special resolution) of the Companies Act 2006 and the issue of equity securities78 or sale of treasury shares that are equity shares
LR 9.7A.2RRP
A listed company must notify a RIS as soon as possible after the board has approved any decision to pay or make any dividend or other distribution on listedequity or to withhold any dividend or interest payment on listed securities giving details of:(1) the exact net amount payable per share;(2) the payment date;(3) the record date (where applicable); and(4) any foreign income dividend election, together with any income tax treated as paid at the lower rate and not repayable.
LR 12.1.2RRP
This chapter contains rules applicable to a listed company that:(1) purchases its own equity shares; or(2) purchases its own securities other than equity shares; or(3) sells or transfers treasury shares; or(4) [deleted]4(5) purchases its own securities from a related party.
LR 14.2.5GRP
A company2 applying for a standard listing2 of shares4will need to comply with LR 3 (Listing applications: All securities2).2243
LR 13.7.1RRP
(1) A circular relating to a resolution proposing to give the company authority to purchase its own equity securities must also include:(a) if the authority sought is a general one, a statement of the directors' intentions about using the authority;(b) if known, the method by which the company intends to acquire its equity shares and the number to be acquired in that way;(c) a statement of whether the company intends to cancel the equity shares or hold them in treasury;(d) if