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LR 9.2.2RRP
A listed company must inform the FSA in writing as soon as possible if it has:(1) requested a RIE to admit or re-admit any of its listedequity securities or listed preference shares to trading; or(2) requested a RIE to cancel or suspend trading of any of its listedequity securities or listedpreference shares; or(3) been informed by a RIE that trading of any of its listedequity securities or listedpreference shares will be cancelled or suspended.
LR 9.8.4RRP
The annual report and accounts must include, where applicable, the following:(1) a statement of the amount of interest capitalised by the group during the period under review with an indication of the amount and treatment of any related tax relief;(2) any information required by LR 9.2.18 R (Publication of unaudited financial information);(3) details of any small related party transaction as required by LR 11.1.10R (2)(c);(4) details of any long-term incentive schemes as required
LR 13.8.11RRP
A circular to shareholders about the approval of an employee's share scheme or long-term incentive scheme must:(1) include either the full text of the scheme or a description of its principal terms;(2) include, if directors of the listed company are trustees of the scheme, or have a direct or indirect interest in the trustees, details of the trusteeship or interest;(3) state that the provisions (if any) relating to:(a) the persons to whom, or for whom, securities, cash or other
LR 13.2.1RRP
A listed company must not circulate or publish a circular unless it has been approved by the FSA.