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(1) This rule applies to a BIPRU firm.(2) A BIPRU firm must, in relation to equities held in the available-for-sale financial assets category:(a) deduct any net losses at stage E of the calculation in the capital resources table (Deductions from tier one capital); and(b) include any net gains (after deduction of deferred tax) in revaluation reserves at stage G of the calculation in the capital resources table (Upper tier two capital).(3) A BIPRU firm must include any net gains,
For the purpose of GENPRU 2.1.53 R, and subject to GENPRU 2.1.55 R to GENPRU 2.1.57 R,a BIPRU firm's12 relevant fixed expenditure is the amount described as total expenditure in its most recent audited annual report and accounts, less the following items (if they are included within such expenditure):12(1) staff bonuses, except to the extent that they are guaranteed;(2) employees' and directors' shares in profits, except to the extent that they are guaranteed;(3) other appropriations
A firm must adjust its relevant fixed expenditure calculation so far as necessary if and to the extent that since the date covered by the most recent audited annual report and accounts or (if GENPRU 2.1.55R (2) applies) since the budget was prepared:(1) its level of fixed expenditure changes materially; or(2) its regulated activities comprised within its permission change.
BIPRU 7.10.102GRP
The appropriate regulator will review as part of a firm'sVaR model permission application the processes and documentation relating to the derivation of profit and loss used for backtesting. A firm's documentation should clearly set out the basis for cleaning profit and loss. To the extent that certain profit and loss elements are not updated every day (for example certain reserve calculations) the documentation should clearly set out how such elements are included in the profit
For the purposes of the calculation of the capital resources of a firm carrying on home finance administration1only with all the assets it administers off balance sheet, annual income is the sum of:11(1) revenue (that is, commissions, fees, net interest income, dividends, royalties and rent); and(2) gains;(3) arising in the course of the ordinary activities of the firm, less profit:(a) on the sale or termination of an operation;(b) arising from a fundamental reorganisation or
A firm must recognise an asset or liability, and measure its amount, in accordance with the relevant accounting principles applicable to it for the purpose of preparing its annual financial statements unless a rule requires otherwise.
The capital resources requirement for a firm carrying on insurance distribution activity6 and home financing1 or home finance administration1 is the sum of : 11112(1) the capital resources requirement2 for a firm carrying on insurance distribution activity6 or home finance mediation activity1 (and no other regulated activity) (see MIPRU 4.2.11 R); and21(2) (a) in the case of a firm carrying on home financing which is not connected to regulated mortgage contracts, or home finance
CONC 10.3.2RRP
Table: Items which are eligible to contribute to the prudential resources of a firmItemAdditional explanation1Share capitalThis must be fully paid and may include:(1)ordinary share capital; or(2)preference share capital (excluding preference shares redeemable by shareholders within two years).2Capital other than share capital (for example, the capital of a sole trader, partnership or limited liability partnership)The capital of a sole trader is the net balance on the firm's capital
A firm must calculate its groupfinancial resources on the basis of the consolidated accounts of the relevant group, subject to the adjustments in rule 14.4.2 and on the basis specified in rule 14.4.3.
A firm'sfinancial resources requirement will be recalculated annually when its fourth quarterly financial return is prepared. The firm must maintain financial resources sufficient to meet its new financial resources requirement from the date on which the fourth quarterly financial return is prepared and no later than 80 business days after the firm’saccounting reference date. The expenditure based requirement applicable at the accounting reference date will be based on the four
If the Part 4A permission of a firm contains a requirement obliging it to comply with this rule with respect to a third-country banking and investment group of which it is a member, it must comply, with respect to that third-country banking and investment group, with the rules in Part 2 of GENPRU 3 Annex 2, as adjusted by Part 3 of that annex.