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A BIPRU firm must maintain at all times capital resources equal to or in excess of the amount specified in the table in GENPRU 2.1.45 R (Calculation of the variable capital requirement for a BIPRU firm).
A BIPRU firm must maintain at all times capital resources equal to or in excess of the base capital resources requirement (see the table in GENPRU 2.1.48 R).
The purpose of the base capital resources requirement for a BIPRU firm is to act as a minimum capital requirement or floor. It has been written as a separate requirement as there are restrictions in GENPRU 2.2 (Capital resources) on the types of capital that a BIPRU firm may use to meet the base capital resources requirement which do not apply to some other parts of the capital requirement calculation. In order to preserve the base capital resources requirement's role as a floor
The base capital resources requirement and the variable capital requirement in GENPRU 2.1.40 R are together called the capital resources requirement (CRR) in the case of a BIPRU firm.

This table belongs to GENPRU 2.1.40 R

Firm category

Capital requirement

BIPRU firm12(including collective portfolio management investment firm9)


the higher of (1) and (2):


the sum of:


the credit risk capital requirement; and


the market risk capital requirement; and


the fixed overheads requirement.

A BIPRU firm must calculate its credit risk capital requirement as the sum of:(1) the credit risk capital component; and15(2) the counterparty risk capital component.15(3) [deleted]15
For the purpose of GENPRU 2.1.53 R, and subject to GENPRU 2.1.55 R to GENPRU 2.1.57 R,a BIPRU firm's12 relevant fixed expenditure is the amount described as total expenditure in its most recent audited annual report and accounts, less the following items (if they are included within such expenditure):12(1) staff bonuses, except to the extent that they are guaranteed;(2) employees' and directors' shares in profits, except to the extent that they are guaranteed;(3) other appropriations
The FCA will not grant an investment firm consolidation waiver unless:(1) the UK consolidation group or non-UK sub-group3 meets the conditions for being a CAD Article 22 group;(2) the FCA is satisfied that each BIPRU firm in the UK consolidation group or non-UK sub-group3 will be able to meet its capital requirements using the calculation of capital resources in GENPRU 2 Annex 6R (Capital resources table for a BIPRU 2firm with a waiver from consolidated supervision); and(3) the
The solo notional capital resources requirement as referred to in BIPRU 8.4.11R (1) is calculated in the same way as the capital resources requirement for a BIPRU firm.1
If a firm is calculating a risk capital requirement for an undertaking that is not a BIPRU firm it should calculate it as if the undertaking were a BIPRU firm.
A firm that has a solo consolidation waiver must incorporate in the calculation of its requirements under the main BIPRU firm Pillar 1 rules each subsidiary undertaking to which the solo consolidation waiver applies. This does not apply to the base capital resources requirement.323
If the Part 4A permission of a firm contains a requirement obliging it to comply with this rule with respect to a third-country banking and investment group of which it is a member, it must comply, with respect to that third-country banking and investment group, with the rules in Part 2 of GENPRU 3 Annex 2, as adjusted by Part 3 of that annex.