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GEN 2.2.2GRP
The purpose of any provision in the Handbook is to be gathered first and foremost from the text of the provision in question and its context among other relevant provisions. The guidance given on the purpose of a provision is intended as an explanation to assist readers of the Handbook. As such, guidance may assist the reader in assessing the purpose of the provision, but it should not be taken as a complete or definitive explanation of a provision's purpose.
GEN 2.2.3RRP
Any rule in the Handbook which has the status letter "E" in the margin or heading:(1) is to be taken also to provide that contravention of the rule does not give rise to any of the consequences provided for by provisions of the Act other than section 138C35 (Evidential provisions); and35(2) incorporates the status letter "E" in the margin or heading as part of the rule.
GEN 2.2.4GRP
(1) The rules to which section 138C35 of the Act applies ("evidential provisions") are identified in the Handbook by the status letter "E" in the margin or heading.35(2) Other provisions in the Handbook, although also identified by the status letter "E" in the margin or heading, are actually not rules but provisions in codes and GEN 2.2.3 R does not apply to them.17351313
GEN 2.2.12GRP
The application of the Interpretation Act 1978 to the Handbook has the effect, in particular, that:(1) expressions in the Handbook used in the Act have the meanings which they bear in the Act, unless the contrary intention appears;(2) where reference is made in the Handbook to an enactment, it is a reference to that enactment as amended (but see also GEN 2.2.13R)33, and includes a reference to that provision as extended or applied by or under any other enactment, unless the
GEN 2.2.12ARRP
4Any reference in a provision of the Handbook made before 5 December 2005 to a stepchild, step-parent, stepdaughter, stepson, stepbrother or stepsister is to be interpreted in accordance with section 246 of the Civil Partnership Act 2004.
GEN 2.2.13RRP
(1) A reference in the Handbook to another provision in the Handbook is a reference to that provision as amended from time to time.13(2) Unless a contrary intention appears:33(a) a reference in the Handbook to a provision in the PRA Rulebook is a reference to that provision as amended from time to time;3313(b) 33a reference in a Handbook rule (other than a rule made by FOS Ltd) to an enactment is a reference to that enactment as amended from time to time;(c) for the purposes
GEN 2.2.13BGRP
15The purpose of GEN 2.2.13AR is to ensure that cross references in the FCA Handbook to provisions outside the FCA Handbook are effective, including cross references to material that was formerly in the PRA Handbook but which the PRA has now deleted.
GEN 2.2.14RRP
If a provision in the Handbook refers to a communication, notice, agreement or other document "in writing" then, unless the contrary intention appears, it means in legible form and capable of being reproduced on paper, irrespective of the medium used. Expressions related to writing must be interpreted accordingly.
GEN 2.2.15GRP
GEN 2.2.14 R means that, for example, electronic media may be used to make communications which are required by a provision of the Handbook to be "in writing", unless a contrary intention appears, or the use of electronic media would contravene some other requirement. GEN 2.2.14 R does not, however, affect any other legal requirement which may apply in relation to the form or manner of executing a document or agreement. 358
GEN 2.2.15AGRP
35An example of a requirement relevant to whether a communication required by a provision of the Handbook to be "in writing" may be made by use of electronic media is the requirement to treat customers fairly under Principle 6.
GEN 2.2.22BGRP
(1) 21The purpose of GEN 2.2.22AR is to ensure 2322that a third country investment firm should not be treated in a more favourable way than a UK firm2322.(2) GEN 2.2.22AR may be overridden where the application provisions at the beginning of individual Handbook chapters qualify its effect.
GEN 2.2.23RRP
(1) This rule applies to Handbook provisions20 where the PRA have made commensurate provisions in the PRA Rulebook. It may affect their application by the FCA to PRA-authorised persons and PRA approved persons20.3516151615(2) Where a Handbook provision (or part of one) goes beyond the FCA's20 powers or regulatory responsibilities, it is to be interpreted as applied20 to the extent of the FCA’s20 powers and regulatory responsibilities only.(3) The extent of a Handbook provision