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An operator acting as a PSR fee payer must pay the entire PSR fee for the relevant card payment system or IFR card payment system for that fee year.8
Where FEES 9.2.1CR applies, no other acquirers or card issuers are required to pay any PSR fee for that card payment system or IFR card payment system in accordance with FEES 9.2.1R.84
(1) 2The operator of a regulated payment system or IFR card payment system4 must provide to the FCA and6PSR, for each of its direct payment service providers (and for itself, where it is an operator acting as an acquirer or card issuer)4:86(a) a copy of the data setting out the transaction volumes and transaction values required by the FCA to calculate the PSR fees as set out in FEES 9 Annex 1R; and8(b) the following information (which is either in the operator’s possession or
FEES 9.2.11RRP
PSR fees payable are stated net of VAT. Where VAT is applicable this must also be included.