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8The FSCS may at any time impose a MERS levy provided that the FSCS has reasonable grounds for believing that the funds available to it to meet relevant expenses are or will be insufficient, taking into account relevant expenses incurred or expected to be incurred in the financial year of the compensation scheme in relation to which the levy is imposed9.
FEES 6.3.12RRP
Any funds received by the FSCS by way of levy or otherwise for the purposes of the compensation scheme are to be managed as the FSCS considers appropriate, and in doing this the FSCS must act prudently.
FEES 6.3.21RRP
If the FSCS has more funds (whether from levies, recoveries or otherwise)8 to the credit of a class82 than the FSCS believes will be required to meet levies on that class82 for the next 12 months, it may refund the surplus to members or former members of the class82 on any reasonable basis.28228