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120This120 chapter applies to every person who is required to pay a fee or share of a levy to the FSA, FOS Ltd or FSCS, as the case may be, by a provision of the Handbook.
Paragraph 17 of Schedule 1 and section 99 to the Act enable the FSA to charge fees to cover its costs and expenses in carrying out its functions. The corresponding provisions for the FSCS levy and FOS levies and case fees are set out in FEES 6.1, and FEES 5.2 respectively.
The key components of the FSA fee mechanism (excluding the FSCSlevy and FOS levy and case fees, which are dealt with in FEES 5 and FEES 6) are:(1) a funding requirement derived from:(a) the FSA's financial management and reporting framework;(b) the FSA's budget; and(c) adjustments for audited variances between budgeted and actual expenditure in the previous accounting year, and reserves movements (in accordance with the FSA's reserves policy);(2) mechanisms for applying penalties
The FSA, (for periodic fees, FOS and FSCS levies), FOS Ltd (for FOS case fees), expect to issue invoices at least 30 days before the date on which the relevant amounts fall due. FOS case fees are invoiced on a monthly basis. Accordingly it will generally be the case that a person will have at least 30 days from the issue of the invoice before an administrative fee becomes payable, and at least 45 days before any interest becomes payable.
Paragraph 17(4) of Schedule 1 and section 99(5) to the Act permit the FSA to recover fees ( and, where relevant, FOS levies), and section 213(6) permits the FSCS to recover shares of the FSCS levy payable, as a debt owed to the FSA and FSCS respectively, and the FSA and FSCS, as relevant, will consider taking action for recovery (including interest) through the civil courts. Also, the FOS Ltd (in respect of case fees) may take steps to recover any money owed to it (including
If it appears to the FSA, or FOS Ltd (in relation to any FOS case fee only), that in the exceptional circumstances of a particular case, the payment of any fee or FOS levy would be inequitable, the FSA or FOS Ltd, as relevant, may reduce or remit all or part of the fee or levy in question which would otherwise be payable.
If it appears to the FSA, or FOS Ltd (in relation to any FOS case fee only), that in the exceptional circumstances of a particular case to which FEES 2.3.1R does not apply, the retention by the FSA, or FOS Ltd, as relevant, of a fee or FOS levy which has been paid would be inequitable, the FSA, or FOS Ltd, may refund all or part of that fee or levy.