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FEES 13.2.2RRP
FEES 13.2.3RRP
The IML levy is calculated as follows:(1) identify whether activity group CC1 or CC2 applies to the business of the firm for the relevant period (for this purpose, the activity groups are defined in accordance with Part 1 of FEES 4 Annex 1AR);(2) for each of those activity groups, calculate the amount payable in the way set out in FEES 13.2.4R;(3) add the amounts calculated under (2);(4) work out whether a minimum fee is payable under Part 2 of FEES 7 Annex 1R and if so how much;(5)
FEES 13.2.5RRP
For the purposes of FEES 13.2.4R:(1) a firm in activity group CC2 may apply the relevant tariff bases and rates to its non-UK business, as well as to its UK business, if:(a) it has reasonable grounds for believing that the costs of identifying the firm’sUK business separately from its non-UK business in the way described in FEES 4 Annex 11BR are disproportionate to the difference in fees payable; and (b) it notifies the FCA in writing at the same time as it provides the information
FEES 13.2.7GRP
The Handbook provisions relating to the IML levy are meant to follow closely the provisions relating to the payment of the periodic fees in FEES 4.3.1R. In the interests of brevity, not all of these provisions are set out again in FEES 13. In some cases, certain FEES 4rules are applied to the payment of the IML levy by individual rules in FEES 13. The rest are set out in the table in FEES 13.2.9R.
FEES 13.2.8RRP
The rules set out in the table in FEES 13.2.9R and any other rules in FEES 4 included in FEES 13 by cross-reference apply to the IML levy in the same way as they apply to periodic fees payable under FEES 4.3.1R.
FEES 13.1.2GRP
The purpose of this chapter is to set out the requirements on the persons listed in FEES 13.1.1R to pay the annual IML levy to fund the costs of taking action against illegal money lending.
FEES 13.1.7GRP
The FCA must pay to the Treasury the amounts that it receives under the IML levy apart from amounts in respect of its collection costs (which it may keep).
FEES 13.1.8GRP
This chapter sets out the method by which the IML levy will be calculated. Details of the actual levy payable will vary from year to year, depending on the amount of funding provided by the Treasury for the purpose of combatting illegal money lending. These details are set out in FEES 13 Annex 1R. New details will be prepared and consulted on for each financial year.