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DTR 5.6.1RRP
An issuer must, at the end of each calendar month during which an increase or decrease has occurred, disclose to the public:(1) the total number of voting rights and capital in respect of each class of share which it issues.[Note: article 15 of the TD]; and(2) the total number of voting rights attaching to shares of the issuer which are held by it in treasury.
DTR 5.11.3RRP
An issuer whose registered office is in a third country3 will be treated as meeting equivalent requirements to those set out in DTR 5.6.1 R (Disclosure by issuers of total voting rights) provided that the issuer is required under the law of the third country3 to disclose to the public the total number of voting rights and capital within 30 calendar days after an increase or decrease of such total number has occurred.[Note: article 21 of the TD implementing Directive]