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DTR 4.1.8RRP
The management report must contain:(1) a fair review of the issuer's business; and(2) a description of the principal risks and uncertainties facing the issuer.4[Note: article 4(5) of the TD]
DTR 4.1.11RRP
The management report required by DTR 4.1.8 R must also give an indication of:(1) any important events that have occurred since the end of the financial year unless those events are:4(a) 4reflected in the issuer’s profit and loss account or balance sheet; or(b) 4disclosed in the notes to the issuer’s audited financial statements;(2) the issuer's likely future development;(3) activities in the field of research and development;(4) the information concerning acquisitions of own
DTR 4.1.12RRP
(1) Responsibility statements must be made by the persons responsible within the issuer.(2) The name and function of any person who makes a responsibility statement must be clearly indicated in the responsibility statement.(3) For each person making a responsibility statement, the statement must set out that to the best of his or her knowledge:(a) the financial statements, prepared in accordance with the applicable set of accounting standards, give a true and fair view of the
LR 6.5.1RRP
1An applicant with a controlling shareholder must demonstrate that, despite having a controlling shareholder, the applicant is able to carry on an independent business as its main activity.
LR 6.6.3GRP
1Factors that may indicate that an applicant does not satisfy the requirement in LR 6.6.1R include where the applicant’s business consists principally of holding shares in entities that it does not control, including entities where the applicant:(1) owns a minority holding of shares; or(2) is only able to exercise negative control; or(3) exercises control subject to contractual arrangements which could be altered without the applicant’s agreement or could result in a temporary
(1) [deleted]65(2) 5An individual may be a "senior executive", as defined in article 3(1)(25)(b) of the Market Abuse Regulation,6 irrespective of the nature of any contractual arrangements between the individual and the issuer and notwithstanding the absence of a contractual arrangement between the individual and the issuer, provided the individual has regular access to inside information relating, directly or indirectly, to the issuer and has power to make managerial decisions