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Where a complaint is determined in favour of the complainant, the Ombudsman's determination may include one or more of the following:17(1) a money award against the respondent; or1717(2) an interest award against the respondent; or1717(3) a costs award against the respondent; or1717(4) a direction to the respondent.17
9In relation to a “relevant complaint” within the meaning of section 404B(3) of the Act10, a money award is a payment of such amount as the Ombudsman determines that a respondent should make (or should have made) to a complainant under the scheme.
174(1) 6Where the Ombudsman is determining what amount (if any) constitutes fair compensation as a money award in relation to a relevant new complaint, a relevant transitional complaint, or a relevant new claims management complaint, the Ombudsman Transitional Order, the Mortgages and General Insurance Complaints Transitional Order, and the Claims Management Order make provision for the Ombudsman to take into account what amount (if any) might have been expected to be awarded