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DISP 1.10.3GRP
For the purposes of DISP 1.10.2R, DISP 1.10.2-AR13, DISP 1.10.2AR, DISP 1.10.2BR and DISP 1.10.2CR,14 when completing the return, the firm should take into account the following matters.10618413(1) If a complaint could fall into more than one category, the complaint should be recorded in the category which the firm considers to form the main part of the complaint.10(2) Under DISP 1.10.2R(1)(b), DISP 1.10.2R(2)(b), DISP 1.10.2-AR, DISP 1.10.2BR(2) or DISP 1.10.2CR(2),14 a firm