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A firm must:(1) provide the customer with a source of impartial information on the range of debt solutions available to the customer in the relevant country of the UK; [Note: paragraph 3.23b of DMG](2) before giving any advice or any recommendation on a particular course of action in relation to the customer'sdebts, carry out a reasonable and reliable assessment of:(a) the customer's financial position (including the customer's income, capital and expenditure);(b) the customer's
(1) Where a firm gives advice to a customer not to make a contractual repayment or to cancel any means of making such a repayment before any debt solution is agreed or entered into, the firm must be able to demonstrate the advice is in the customer's best interests.(2) Where a firm gives advice of the type in (1), the firm must advise the customer (C) that if C adopts the advice C should notify C's lenders without delay and explain that C is following the firm's advice to this