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CONC 7.3.14RRP
(1) A firm must not take disproportionate action against a customer in arrears or default.[Note: paragraphs 7.14 (box) of ILG and 3.7t of DCG](2) In accordance with (1) a firm must not, in particular, apply to court for an order for sale or submit a bankruptcy petition, without first having fully explored any more proportionate options.[Note: paragraph 7.14 (box) of ILG]
CONC 7.3.18RRP
A firm must not threaten to commence court action, including an application for a charging order or (in Scotland) an inhibition or an order for sale, in order to pressurise a customer in default or arrears difficulties to pay more than they can reasonably afford.[Note: paragraphs 7.14 of ILG and 3.7i (box) of DCG]