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CONC 7.14.10RRP
If a firm rejects a repayment offer because it is unacceptable, the firm must not engage in any conduct intended to, or likely to, have the effect of intimidating the customer1 into increasing the offer.[Note: annex A5 of DCG]
CONC 7.14.14RRP
If a firm accepts a customer's offer to settle a debt, it must communicate formally and unequivocally that the offer accompanied by the relevant payment has been accepted as settlement of the customer's liability.[Note: paragraph 3.3h of DCG]
CONC 7.9.11GRP
A firm which:(1) threatens debt recovery action against the “occupier” of particular premises; or(2) sends a payment demand to all persons sharing the same name and date of birth or address as the customer;is likely to contravene CONC 7.9.10 R.[Note: paragraphs 3.9a (box) and 3.9b (box) of DCG]
CONC 7.9.14RRP
A firm must ensure that all persons visiting a customer's property on its behalf act at all times in accordance with the requirements of CONC 7 and do not:(1) act in a threatening manner towards a customer;(2) visit a customer at a time when they know or suspect that the customer is, or may be, particularly vulnerable;(3) visit at an inappropriate location unless the customer has expressly consented to the visit;(4) enter a customer's property without the customer's consent or
CONC 7.11.1RRP
When contacting customers, a firm must not misrepresent its authority or its legal position with regards to the debt or debt recovery process.[Note: paragraph 3.4 of DCG ]
CONC 7.15.5GRP
If the lender or owner has been in regular contact with the customer during the limitation period, the firm may continue to attempt to recover the debt.[Note: paragraph 3.15b of DCG]
CONC 7.12.3GRP
(1) CONC 1.2.2 R requires a firm to ensure its employees and agents comply with CONC and that it takes reasonable steps to ensure other persons who act on its behalf do so. This rule would apply where a debt collector acts as agent or on behalf of a lender.(2) Situations where it may be justified for a firm to refuse to deal with a person acting on behalf of a customer may include, for example, refusing to deal with that person where the firm is able to show that the person has