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(1) Subject to (4), a9firm must set the minimum required repayment under a regulated credit agreement for a credit card or a store card at an amount equal to at least that amount which repays the interest, fees and charges that have been applied to the customer's account, plus one percentage of the amount outstanding. [Note: paragraph 6.4 of ILG](2) Where (1) applies and a firm applies interest to a period of more than one month, for the purpose of calculating the amount of the
A firm under a regulated credit agreement for a credit card or a store card must provide a customer with the option to pay any amount they choose (equal to or more than the minimum required repayment but less than the full outstanding balance) on a regular basis, when making automated repayments. [Note: paragraph 6.5 of ILG]
CONC 6.7.10RRP
Where a customer is at risk of financial difficulties, a firm under a retail revolving credit agreement or a5regulated credit agreement for a credit card 5must, other than where a promotional rate of interest ends, not increase the rate of interest under the agreement. [Note: paragraph 6.10 of ILG]