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In deciding on the level and extent of explanation required by CONC 4.2.5 R, the lender or credit broker should consider (and each of them should ensure that anyone acting on its behalf should consider), to the extent appropriate to do so, factors including:(1) the type of credit being sought;(2) the amount and duration4 of credit to be provided;4(2A) the actual and potential costs of the credit;4(2B) the risk to the customer arising from the credit (the risk to the customer is
CONC 4.2.12RRP
The lender or the credit broker must enable a customer to request and obtain further information and explanation about a regulated credit agreement without incurring undue cost or delay. [Note: paragraph 3.16 (box) of ILG]
A credit broker must prominently1 disclose to a customer in good time before a credit agreement or a consumer hire agreement is entered into, the existence and nature1 of any commission or fee or other remuneration payable to the credit broker by the lender or owner or a third party1, where the existence or amount of the commission, fee or other remuneration1 could actually or potentially:(1) affect the impartiality of the credit broker in recommending the credit agreement or