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(1) Subject to (2), (3) and (4), a firm must provide a consumer with the distance marketing information (CONC 2 Annex 1R) in good time before the consumer is bound by a distance contract or offer.[Note: regulation 7(1) of SI 2004/2095][Note: articles 3(1) and 4(5) of the Distance Marketing Directive](2) Where a distance contract is also a contract for payment services to which the Payment Services Regulations apply, a firm is required to provide to the consumer only the information
CONC 2.7.11RRP
In the case of voice telephony communication, and subject to the explicit consent of the consumer, only the abbreviated distance marketing information (CONC 2 Annex 2R) needs to be provided during that communication. However, unless another exception applies (such as the exemption for means of distance communication not enabling disclosure), a firm must still provide the distance marketing information (CONC 2 Annex 1R) in a durable medium that is available and accessible to the
CONC 2.7.14RRP
At any time during the contractual relationship, the consumer is entitled, at request, to receive the contractual terms and conditions on paper. The consumer is also entitled to change the means of distance communication used unless this is incompatible with the contract concluded or the nature of the service provided.[Note: regulation 8(2) and (4) of SI 2004/2095][Note: article 5(3) of the Distance Marketing Directive]
CONC 2.7.17RRP
If a firm proposes to enter into a distance contract with a consumer that will be governed by the law of a country outside the UK4, the firm must ensure that the consumer will not lose the protection created by the rules in this section if the distance contract has a close link with the territory of the UK4.4[Note: regulation 16(3) of SI 2004/2095][Note: articles 12 and 16 of the Distance Marketing Directive]