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(1) 14The authorised fund manager of a qualified investor scheme carrying out due diligence for the purpose of COLL 8.4.5R should use reasonable efforts to make enquiries and obtain the information needed to be able to consider the matters specified in COLL 5.7.11G, as if that guidance related to COLL 8.4.5R.7(2) Where COLL 5.7.11G (10) refers to COLL 6.3 (Valuation and pricing), that reference should be read as if it were a reference to COLL 8.5.9 R (Valuation, pricing and dealing).(3)
In the FCA's view, it is the very existence of the body corporate that is the collective investment scheme. There are a number of statutory references that support this view. For example, it is clear that paragraph 21 of the Schedule to the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (Collective Investment Schemes) Order 2001 (SI 2001/1062) (Arrangements not amounting to a collective investment scheme) is drafted on the basis that it is the body corporate itself that is (or would
This chapter assists in achieving the statutory objective of protecting consumers. In particular:(1) COLL 3.2 (The instrument constituting the fund2) contains requirements about provisions which must be included in the instrument constituting the fund2 to give a similar degree of protection for investors in an ICVC, AUT or ACS;1 and221(2) COLL 3.3 (Units) provides rules and guidance which deal with the classes of units to ensure that investors in each class are treated equall