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A domestic UCITS merger between two or more UCITS schemes6 is permissible provided:(1) it is effected in accordance with the requirements of:(a) the UCITS Regulations 2011, which include the need for the FCA to have made a prior order approving the proposed merger (which may be made subject to (2)); and(b) this chapter; and (2) in the case of a UCITS scheme that is:(a) a merging UCITS6, an extraordinary resolution is approved by unitholders in accordance with COLL 7.6.2 R (3)
(1) 2This chapter applies to an ICVC, an ACD, any other director of an ICVC, a depositary of an ICVC, an authorised fund manager3 of an AUT or ACS3 and a depositary3 of an AUT or ACS3, where such AUT, ACS3 or ICVC is a UCITS scheme or a non-UCITS retail scheme in accordance with COLL 7.1.2 R (Table of application).33(2) COLL 7.7 (UCITS mergers) applies only to a domestic UCITS merger.42