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A depositary may delegate the functions in COLL 6.6B.18R and COLL 6.6B.19R to one or more third parties if:(1) the tasks are not delegated with the intention of avoiding the requirements of the UCITS Directive, as implemented in this chapter4;(2) the depositary can demonstrate that there is an objective reason for the delegation;(3) the depositary:(a) has exercised all due skill, care and diligence in the selection and appointment of any third party to whom it intends to delegate
COLL 12.2.7GRP
(1) A UK UCITS management company which applies to operate an EEA UCITS scheme in another EEA State is advised that it must comply with the requirements of the Host State regulator regarding provision to them of the following documents:(a) the written contract1 it has entered into with the depositary1 of the EEA UCITS scheme, as referred to in article 22(2)1 of the UCITS Directive; and (b) information on delegation arrangements (if any), regarding functions of investment management