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This section does not apply to a distance contract to deal as agent, advise or arrange, if the distance contract is concluded merely as a stage in the provision of another service by the firm or another person. [Note: recital 19 to the Distance Marketing Directive]
If there is no initial service agreement but the successive operations or separate operations of the same nature performed over time are performed between the same contractual parties, the distance marketing disclosure rules (COBS 5.1.1 R to COBS 5.1.4 R) will only apply: (1) when the first operation is performed; and(2) if no operation of the same nature is performed for more than a year, when the next operation is performed (the next operation being deemed the first in a new
COBS 5.1.13RRP
A firm may provide the distance marketing information (COBS 5 Annex 1R ) and the contractual terms and conditions in a durable medium immediately after the conclusion of a distance contract, if the contract has been concluded at a consumer's request using a means of distance communication that does not enable the provision of that information in that form in good time before the consumer is bound by any distance contract or offer. [Note: article 5(2) of the Distance Marketing
COBS 5.1.15RRP
(1) A firm must not enforce, or seek to enforce, any obligations under a distance contract against a consumer, in the event of an unsolicited supply of services, the absence of reply not constituting consent.(2) This rule does not apply to the tacit renewal of a distance contract. [Note: article 9 of the Distance Marketing Directive]
COBS 5.1.16RRP
If a consumer purports to waive any of the consumer's rights created or implied by the rules in this section, a firm must not accept that waiver, nor seek to rely on or enforce it against the consumer. [Note: article 12 of the Distance Marketing Directive]
The requirements relating to the placing and receipt of orders (COBS 5.2.6 R) do not apply to contracts concluded exclusively by exchange of e-mail or by equivalent individual communications. [Note: article 10(4) and 11(3) of the E-Commerce Directive]
COBS 15.4.2RRP
(1) This rule applies in relation to a distance contract that is not a life policy, personal pension scheme, cash deposit ISA, cash-only lifetime ISA3 or CTF.(2) When the consumer exercises their3 right to cancel they3 may be required to pay, without any undue delay, for the service actually provided by the firm in accordance with the contract. The performance of the contract may only begin after the consumer has given their3 approval. The amount payable must not:(a) exceed an