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A firm must provide a client6 with the following general information, if relevant:(1) the name and address of the firm, and the contact details necessary to enable a client to communicate effectively with the firm;(2) [deleted]6(3) the methods of communication to be used between the firm and the client including, where relevant, those for the sending and reception of orders;(4) a statement of the fact that the firm is authorised by the FCA or the PRA, as applicable8;(5) [deleted]6(6)
COBS 6.1.11RRP
(1) A firm must provide a client with the information required by this section in good time before the provision of designated investment business6 unless otherwise provided by this rule.(2) A firm may instead provide that information immediately after starting to provide designated investment business6 if:(a) the firm was unable to comply with (1) because, at the request of the client, the agreement was concluded using a means of distance communication2 which prevented the firm
COBS 6.1.14RRP
(1) A firm must notify a client in good time about any material change to the information provided under this section which is relevant to a service that the firm is providing to that client.(2) A firm must provide this notification in a durable medium if the information to which it relates was given in a durable medium.6
A firm must ensure that information:(1) includes the name of the firm (and also, where relevant, the name of the firm that has confirmed the compliance of the financial promotion for the purposes of COBS 4.10.9AR(3)(a));12(1A) where relevant, includes the date on which the financial promotion was approved;12(2) is accurate and always gives a fair and prominent indication of any relevant risks when referencing6 any potential benefits of relevant business or a relevant investment6;
A firm must ensure that information that contains an indication of past performance of relevant business, a relevant investment or a financial index, satisfies the following conditions:(1) that indication is not the most prominent feature of the communication;(2) the information includes appropriate performance information which covers the6 preceding five years, or the whole period for which the investment has been offered, the financial index has been established, or the service
(1) A firm must, in good time before a client3 is bound by any agreement relating to designated investment business3 or before the provision of those services, whichever is the earlier, provide that client with:(a) the terms of any such agreement; and(b) the information about the firm and its services relating to that agreement or to those services required by COBS 6.1.4 R, including information on communications, conflicts of interest and authorised status.(2) A firm must provide