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COBS 4.10.1GRP
The rules in SYSC 3 (and also for Solvency II firms, the PRA Rulebook: Solvency II firms: Conditions Governing Business)1 and SYSC 4 require a firm that communicates with a client in relation to designated investment business, or communicates or approves a financial promotion, to put in place systems and controls or policies and procedures, or an effective internal control system,1 in order to comply with the rules in this chapter.
COBS 4.10.2RRP
(1) Before a firmapproves a financial promotion for communication by an unauthorised person, it must confirm that the financial promotion complies with the financial promotion rules.(2) If, at any time after a firm has complied with (1), a firm becomes aware that a financial promotion no longer complies with the financial promotion rules, it must withdraw its approval and notify any person that it knows to be relying on its approval as soon as reasonably practicable.(3) When approving
COBS 4.10.6GRP
For example, if a firmapproves a financial promotion for communication to a professional client or an eligible counterparty, the approval must be limited to communication to such persons.
(1) In relation to communications by a firm to a client in relation to its designated investment business this chapter applies in accordance with the general application rule and the rule on business with UKclients from an overseas establishment (COBS 1 Annex 1 Part 2 paragraph 2.1R).(2) In addition, the financial promotion rules apply to a firm in relation to:(a) the communication of a financial promotion to a person inside the United Kingdom;(b) the communication of a cold call
(1) Subject to (2) and (3), this section applies to a firm in relation to:(a) the provision of information in relation to its designated investment business; and(b) the communication or approval of a financial promotion;where such information or financial promotion is addressed to, or disseminated in such a way that it is likely to be received by, a retail client.(2) This section does not apply to a firm communicating in relation to its MiFID, equivalent third country or optional
1(1) A corporate finance contact or a venture capital contact is not a client under the first limb of the general definition. This is because a firm does not provide a service to such a contact. However, it will be a client under the third limb of the general definition for the purposes of the financial promotion rules if the firmcommunicates or approves a financial promotion that is or is likely to be communicated to such a contact. 1(2) Communicating or approving a financial
(1) Firms should note that restrictions and specific requirements apply to the retail distribution of certain investments:212(a) non-mainstream pooled investments are subject to a restriction on financial promotions (see section 238 of the Act and COBS 4.12);(b) non-readily realisable securities are subject to a restriction on direct offer financial promotions (see COBS 4.7);(c) contingent convertible instruments and CoCo funds are subject to a restriction on sales and on promotions
COBS 4.13.1RRP
(1) 1This section applies to a firm in relation to a communication to a client, including an excluded communication, that is a marketing communication within the meaning of the UCITS Directive.(2) This section does not apply to:(a) image advertising; or(b) the instrument constituting the fund2, the prospectus, the key investor information3 or the periodic reports and accounts of a UCITS scheme4.2[Note: recital (58) of the UCITS Directive]
(1) A firm must ensure that a financial promotion addressed to a client is clearly identifiable as such.[Note: article 24(3)4 of MiFID, article 17(2) of the IDD5 and article 77 of the UCITS Directive]3(2) If2 a financial promotion relates to a2firm'sMiFID, equivalent third country or optional exemption business4, this rule does not apply to the extent that the2financial promotion is a third party prospectus.2(3) If2 a financial promotion relates2 to a 2 firm's business that is